Black Class

Black ClassBlack Class
Model Feature Codes
No Code = Plain edge/no blade coating
-S = ComboEdge (Partially serrated) no blade coating
-BK = Plain edge black corrosion resistant coated blade.
SBK = ComboEdge (partially serrated) black
corrosion resistant coated blade
B = Black anti-reflective, corrosion resistant coated blade
SB = ComboEdge (parrially serrated)/black anti-reflective coated blade.
OD = Olive Drab color handle
SN = Sand Camouflage color handle
CF = Carbon Fieber Handle
-RED = Red color handle
-SLV = Silver color handle
-BLU = Blue color handle
-YEL = Yellow color handle
-ORG = Orange color handle
-BLK = Black color handle
-PNK = Pink color handle
BP = BP1 Charcoal color, scratch resistant coating
W = Soft sheath for rescue hook
ADC = Army Digital Camouflage color sheath
T = Trainer blade with red handle
TR = Bali-song trainer with red handle
D2 = D2 Blade Steel
DM = Damascus Blade
CP = Clam pack

H2O = Wassereinsatz möglich
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