EickhornThe Original Eickhorn-Solingen Company Limited
Designed by the world`s leading knife designer, Dietmar Pohl and manufactured by the company`s engineers to exacting military quality control standards in the most technically advanced production unit based in Solingen, the heartland of the German steel industry. For over 140 years the Eickhorn name has been associated with the manufacture of edged weapons, combat and rescue knives supplied to government buyers. OES has an established international reputation for innovative product design, engineering and quality control. This expertise now extends to the equally demanding `non-military`edged products market. Steel, the heart of all OES products !
In order to fulfill the company`s strict quality control demands, only the highest quality specifically designed steel, rigorously tested to meet the operational demands of our military clients world wide, is used in all OES products.
There is no compromise; our products are guaranteed to meet German quality control standards at every stage of the production process. Our commitment to ongoing research and development ensures built in design excellence for OES products. 140 years of tradition combined with 21st century design and technology are forged in OES products. Leading exponents of highperformance steel design and engraving such as the internationally renowned Damascus steel designer, Markus Balbach, whose Damascus blades represent the genius of design that will make these knives future investments and collector`s items. Solingen, in the German Ruhr valley is recognized as the heartland of the European steel industry. We do not produce in low labour cost countries. OES staff are fully committed to our traditional Solingen base.
OES staff are the foremost engineers in this industry, years of experience and the adherence to the principals of the highest production quality and customer service, demonstrate a commitment to traditional German values.
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