Kasumi Damast Messer

Kasumi Damast MesserThe first knife in series with damascus blade worldwide - from Sumikama, Japan.

KASUMI Damascus knives are produced in Seki, the capital of cutlery in Japan. Seki has a long tradition in japanese sword forging. These unique technologies were passed from generation to generation and are still part of the production today. Every Kasumi Damascus knife is made with many care and experience. Each knife is an unicum and the wonderful blade is non-reversible.

KASUMI Damascus knives are the first kitchenknife damascus series this type worldwide, introduced trough Sumikama from Japan in the year 2001. They quick receiced two demand Design prices, the "Design Form 2001" and the "Design plus 2002". Today many companies copies the idea of kasumi damascus knives.

Not only the design of the KASUMI damascus knives is brilliant, the used material as well. The blade is made of high quality VG-10 steel blade core and 32 layers folded damast steel with a hardness of 59-60 Rockwell. This makes a very good sharpness, which stays a long time and you have many fun to cut with. The wooden handle is dark, nearly black and the handle forms are fixed with two rivets. The thimble is made of steel and a hygienic passage between blade and handle. The sharp blade has a japanese V-grinding, which makes the sharpening with a whetstone possible.

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